Restructuring of Ethiopian Aviation Academy

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In line with the rapid growth of Ethiopian Airlines Group, Ethiopian Aviation Academy is upgraded to Ethiopian Aviation University, which will enable it to provide a broader range of educational programs and increase the level of expertise in the Aviation Industry. The University has been accredited by the Ethiopian Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA), to offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in various aviation and hospitality fields. The following undergraduate degree programs have already been approved:

  • BSc in Aeronautical Engineering
  • BSc in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • BSc in Aviation Management and Operations (Airline/Airport Streams)
  • BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Furthermore, the Ethiopian Aviation University is in the final stage of securing accreditation for Master of Business Administration in Aviation Management (MBAA) program. Accordingly, the existing structure of Ethiopian Aviation Academy is restructured in a way that meets the strategy of Ethiopian Aviation University and regulatory body requirements by aligning with other Universities professions and position titles as per the below detail:-

President of Ethiopian Aviation University established, reporting to GCEO.

  • Under President of Ethiopian Aviation University, there are two wings :    
    • Academic & Research Vice President  
    • Vice President Ethiopian Aviation Training (Existing MD EAA position renamed)
  • Under Academic & Research Vice President the following Departments/Sections are established:
    • Dean School of Aerospace Engineering
      • Department Head Aeronautical Engineering
      • Department Head Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
    • Dean School of Aerospace Management
      • Department Head Aerospace Management & Operation
    • Dean School of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
      • Department Head Tourism and Hospitality Management
    • Dean School of Graduate Studies and Research
      • Department Head Graduate Studies
      • Department Head Consultancy and Community Services
      • Department Head Research & Innovation.
    • Chief  librarian

Under Vice President Ethiopian Aviation Training – the current structure will continue.